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Will I need a referral?

We always want what is best for all of our patients. 

As general dentists, we are trained and continue to train to do many types of dental treatments to best serve our patients; however, there will always be situations where what is best for the patient is beyond our scope of training or expertise.

When the best treatment becomes too difficult or lengthy or the best treatment is pre-determined to be too difficult or lengthy, a referral to a specialist dentist is indicated. The referral to a specialist is our way of ensuring that you get the best treatment possible in a timely fashion. 

Please see the list of our wonderful dental colleagues to whom we may entrust your care when the situation warrants:

Graham Gardner, DDS; Orthodontics
Virginia Oral and Facial Surgery
Commonwealth Orthodontics
Virginia Center for Prosthodontics
Atkins, Maestrello and Associates; Pediatric Dentistry
Drs. Wood, Dunlevy & Lumbardozzi; Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Drs. Riley, Wiltshire & Brassington; Orthodontics
James River Orthodontics
Drs. Kaugars & Miller, P.C.; Implants and Periodontics
Commonwealth Endodontics
West End Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Richardson ~ Overstreet, LTD; Periodontics
Commonwealth Oral and Facial Surgery

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