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We understand the importance of patient education at the office of John S. Kittrell, DDS, and Associates. Good oral care is essential for one’s overall health, and the more knowledge our patients have about dental care, the better their oral health will tend to be.

There are a number of questions we hear rather frequently, so we have included those below.

If you have other questions that are not listed here, we invite you to ask them. Whether they have to do with your oral care specifically or your oral health generally, we want to know what you are thinking. When you have knowledge, you can make more informed decisions about your treatment options.

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions. We care about the health of you and your entire family!


We always want what is best for all of our patients. 

As general dentists, we are trained and continue to train to do many types of dental treatments to best serve our patients; however, there will always be situations where what is best for the patient is beyond our scope of training or expertise.

When the best treatment becomes too difficult or lengthy or the best treatment is pre-determined to be too difficult or lengthy, a referral to a specialist dentist is indicated. The referral to a specialist is our way of ensuring that you get the best treatment possible in a timely fashion. 

Please see the list of our wonderful dental colleagues to whom we may entrust your care when the situation warrants:

Graham Gardner, DDS; Orthodontics
Virginia Oral and Facial Surgery
Commonwealth Orthodontics
Virginia Center for Prosthodontics
Atkins, Maestrello and Associates; Pediatric Dentistry
Drs. Wood, Dunlevy & Lumbardozzi; Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Drs. Riley, Wiltshire & Brassington; Orthodontics
James River Orthodontics
Drs. Kaugars & Miller, P.C.; Implants and Periodontics
Commonwealth Endodontics
West End Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Richardson ~ Overstreet, LTD; Periodontics
Commonwealth Oral and Facial Surgery

General Dentist


We currently participate with Delta Dental Premiere insurance, but we will file out-of-network dental insurance as well. In most cases, you will be asked to pay your estimated portion at the time of service.

We are pleased to offer CareCredit financing, and we also accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

We agree with the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines, which recommend visiting a dentist at least twice a year for an examination and professional cleaning. 

We use the term “painless dentistry” because we do everything we can to ensure that your visit to our office is as free of stress and pain as possible. We will do what we can to alleviate pain in a way that is most comfortable for you. 

If you have a dental emergency, you should call our office immediately.

If you are experiencing tooth pain or swelling, we will work you into our schedule during normal business hours. After hours or during the weekends or on holidays, please call our office at (804) 740-7212 and leave a message that includes your name, phone number, and the details of your emergency.

The doctor on call will be paged and will return your call promptly.

When you come in for your first appointment, we will ask you about your medical and dental history. Then we’ll examine your teeth and gums, and screen you for oral cancer. We will also screen you for sleep apnea, take x-rays of your entire mouth, and complete a TMJ (temporomandibular jaw joint) exam.

After we go over your dental profile, we will discuss any diagnoses and recommended treatment with you. If treatment is recommended, such as a root canal (endodontics), sleep apnea oral device, braces (orthodontics), or oral surgery, we will work with you on a plan or refer you to a specialist. We will also go over expected treatment costs and work with you to decide on the best payment plan to fit your needs. 

During regular follow-up appointments, we will examine and clean your teeth and gums, screen you for oral cancer and sleep apnea, as well as discuss any recommended treatments. We will also go over any problems or pain you might be experiencing and answer any questions you might have.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

No this type of treatment is not a guarantee, every patient responds to treatment differently. 

No, wearing the device shouldn't cause you any pain. However, you may notice some jaw discomfort at first, and some sore teeth. We will adjust the appliance to help eliminate this.  

Store your oral appliance in its case in a dry, cool place. Rinse well with water before AND after each use. Regularly clean your oral appliance with a toothbrush and toothpaste. An ultrasonic cleaner is best. Denture tablets are also another recommended option. Do NOT use harsh chemicals or household cleaning products such as bleach or ammonia. Do NOT soak it in mouthwash, hot water, or place it in direct sunlight. Remember brush, floss and rinse before inserting it each time. 

Store the oral appliance in the original container given to you during the delivery period. Remember, keep this out of reach from children or any pets. 

There is no guarantee on how long the appliance will last. However, most insurance companies will pay for a new oral appliance after 5 years of using it. 

Estimated portions are different per patient. This depends on your insurance policy and any remaining deductible you may have. We will maximize your insurance benefits every way possible. 

Every insurance company is different, most companies will not pay for a new device if it is lost or stolen before the 5 year time period. However, If your device is lost or stolen and insurance will not cover a new one for you, we will take 25% off the total and the reminding fee would be your responsibility.

The process to get an oral appliance is as followed: 

  • Get diagnosed
  • Schedule first appointment- includes exam with Dr. McMunn and impressions
  • Second appointment- includes fitting the newly made oral appliance, and going over the use and care. 
  • Third appointment- includes any necessary adjustments needed to the oral appliance, and we send you home with a Virtuox Pulse Oximetry to make sure you are getting enough oxygen with your new device.
    • We keep your physicians updated throughout the entire process.​
  • Forth appointment- we will bring you back in for 6 months after receiving the oral appliance and once every year to ensure the device is working properly for you.

Yes, you will either need to wear this or your CPAP mask. Some patients choose do to a combination therapy.

No this will not change your bite permanently as long as you use the am aligner or chew sugar-free gum daily, if you loose this am aligner you need to contact our office immediately. 

Teeth Whitening

There are several methods available for whitening the teeth: in-office, at-home whitening trays, or a White-Strip kit.

One session of in-office whitening can generally be done in about 45 minutes. If you wish to have whitening trays to use at home when necessary, impressions can be taken to make the trays.

Over-the-counter daily bleaching products are available, but it is important to use any whitening product only under the supervision of a dentist.

To achieve the whitening results you desire, the ADA recommends that you seek the professional advice of a dentist, including examination and diagnosis of the cause of tooth discoloration, before you begin any bleaching program.


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